Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island with a distinctive touristic identity. The 9 Islands experience however attempts to extend beyond the confines of such identity. Our aim is to create an intimate environment in which you will feel like guests visiting a beloved friend’s house.

Next to nature, surrounded by dozens of different species of flowers and trees, accompanied by the breeze of the Cycladic wind, you will embrace serenity. Your suite will become the harbor from which you can sail to discover cosmopolitan Mykonos, but to which you will also return to, to rest and relax.

Your stay in 9 Islands will be embellished with high quality choices but most importantly, you will enjoy the hospitality that covers all your needs in the most pleasant and warm way. Every detail of the 9 Islands Suites has a new hidden experience which we hope will evolve into a sweet future memory.

TEL.: +306948689615, info@9islands.gr
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